Sunday, 8 May 2011


Wikileaks files reveal that at least 35 Guantanamo detainees had been trained for terrorism in London mosques.

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Friday, 6 May 2011


Central Ward (Rejected Votes = 12)

Candidate's Name Party Number of Votes
Dyson, Martin Labour 1577
Hetherington, Jack Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts 150
Hill, Elizabeth Conservative 281
Krska, Damion Barnsley Independent Group 263
Porter, Colin British National Party 289

Cudworth Ward (Rejected Votes = 25)

Candidate's Name Party Number of Votes
Dyson, Kirk Stuart Conservative 278
Hubbard, Terry British National Party 444
Wraith, Charlie Labour 2002

Darfield Ward (Rejected Votes = 0)

Candidate's Name Party Number of Votes
Burnett, David British National Party 197
Hancock-Jones, Carmen Barnsley Independent Group 1091
Key, Brian Michael Labour 1541
Wilkinson, Gordon Conservative 239

Darton East Ward (Rejected Votes = 16)

Candidate's Name Party Number of Votes
Hood, Joni Liberal Democrats 117
Miller, Roy Labour 1660
Needham, Garry Bradley Conservative 363
Race, John Barnsley Independent Group 894
Sutton, Sharon British National Party 170

Darton West Ward (Rejected Votes = 34)

Candidate's Name Party Number of Votes
Burgess, Linda Labour 2041
Sutton, Ian British National Party 435
Watkinson, Clive Conservative 769

Dearne North Ward (Rejected Votes = 0)

Candidate's Name Party Number of Votes
Gardiner, Alan Labour 1665
Garner, Kurt Barnsley Independent Group 501
Walker, Nathan British National Party 246

Dearne South Ward (Rejected Votes = 26)

Candidate's Name Party Number of Votes
Buckley, Paul Edward Conservative 207
Garner, Susan Elaine Barnsley Independent Group 206
Hinchliffe, Raymond British National Party 270
Sixsmith, Ralph Labour 2183

Dodworth Ward (Rejected Votes = 23)

Candidate's Name Party Number of Votes
Brown, Alan British National Party 222
Leech, Dave Labour 1199
Perrin, Brian Barnsley Independent Group 1564
Toon, Hamish Conservative 494

Hoyland Milton Ward (Rejected Votes = 22)

Candidate's Name Party Number of Votes
England, Sam Conservative 314
Lipscombe, Barry Barnsley Independent Group 1075
Riddiough, Kevin David English Democrats - "Putting England First!" 290
Shepherd, Tim Labour 1630

Kingstone Ward (Rejected Votes = 17)

Candidate's Name Party Number of Votes
Bowden, Geoff Barnsley Independent Group 870
Pearson, Howard Grant Conservative 193
Robinson, Peter John British National Party 195
Sheard, Tom Labour 1160

Monk Bretton Ward (Rejected Votes = 19)

Candidate's Name Party Number of Votes
Collins, Jane UK Independence Party (UKIP) 452
Hubbard, Jane British National Party 252
Pickering, Clive Melvin Barnsley Independent Group 560
Sheard, Margaret Labour 1292
Toon, Michael John Conservative 135

North East Ward (Rejected Votes = 20)

Candidate's Name Party Number of Votes
Dashwood, Winnifred British National Party 210
Devoy, Tony
Millner, Gill Conservative 231
North, Dave Barnsley Independent Group 1716
Sykes, Chris Labour 1388

Old Town Ward (Rejected Votes = 23)

Candidate's Name Party Number of Votes
Barr, Andrew Conservative 331
Cherryholme, Anita Labour 1673
Curtis, John British National Party 211
Love, John Barnsley Independent Group 951

Penistone East Ward (Rejected Votes = 48)

Candidate's Name Party Number of Votes
Hand-Davis, Paul Francis Conservative 2577
Hayler, Jill Labour 1811

Penistone West Ward (Rejected Votes = 38)

Candidate's Name Party Number of Votes
Drewry, Mick Independent 558
James, Paul British National Party 195
Rusby, Ann Conservative 1836
Starling, Peter John Labour 1298

Rockingham Ward (Rejected Votes = 16)

Candidate's Name Party Number of Votes
Hill, George Conservative 333
Lamb, Chris Labour 1846
Shirt, Peter British National Party 210
Sylvester, Steven Barnsley Independent Group 1263

Royston Ward (Rejected Votes = 24)

Candidate's Name Party Number of Votes
Cheetham, Tracey Jayne Labour 1570
Gouthwaite, Eddie Socialist Labour Party 114
Harris, Paul Anthony British National Party 113
Johnson, James UK Independence Party (UKIP) 450
Wilkinson, Alex Conservative 244
Wilson, Ben Liberal Democrats 148

St. Helen's Ward (Rejected Votes = 11)

Candidate's Name Party Number of Votes
Platts, Jenny Labour 1713
Walker, Dean British National Party 261
Watkinson, Lesley Anne Conservative 185

Stairfoot Ward (Rejected Votes = 19)

Candidate's Name Party Number of Votes
Dyson, Karen Labour 1755
Harris, Susan Joy British National Party 261
Pickering, Daniel Barnsley Indepedent Group 622
Pilkington, Chris Conservative 233

Wombwell Ward (Rejected Votes = 19)

Candidate's Name Party Number of Votes
Jenner, Keith Tony Conservative 323
Parker, Shane John British National Party 218
Townsend, Jane Arnot Barnsley Independent Group 440
Wraith, Dick Labour 1887

Worsbrough Ward (Rejected Votes = 14)

Candidate's Name Party Number of Votes
Barlow, Betty Labour 1296
Cooke, Daniel British National Party 246
Levitt, Raymond Barnsley Independent Group 1061
Murray, Peter John Conservative 244
Robinson, Terry Socialist Labour Party 74

Sunday, 24 April 2011


Election time is nearly upon us and the opposition is getting desperate to hold onto power in Barnsley. So, as expected they send out their useful idiots, again, to try and intimidate British National Party members with their red spray paint.

Now you would think by now they had got the message. You will not destroy the British National Party with your criminal behaviour and no British National Party candidate in Barnsley will back down because their homes have been daubed in offensive graffiti. one day you will get caught.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


I don't condone koran burning. I think more people should borrow one from a library, if your local library hasn't closed yet and read it.

Read the
koran and make your own mind up for yourself whether you think islam is a religion of peace or not.

Now I can understand why this young man, Andrew Ryan, stole a
koran from the library and publicly set fire to it after watching the, 'poppy burners'.

I wonder how many people in Britain felt like getting hold of a
koran and setting fire to it after seeing the poppy burners insulting our war dead and causing distress to those families who have recently lost loved ones in foreign wars.

Andrew Ryan has been sentenced to 70 days. Sitting at
Carlisle Magistrates' Court, District Judge Gerald Chalk described it as a case of "theatrical bigotry".

He said: "It was pre-planned by you as you stole the book deliberately.

"You went out to cause maximum publicity and to cause distress."

Ryan struggled with security guards in court after the sentence was passed.

While being handcuffed he shouted: "What about my country? What about burning poppies?"

About 10 people were in court to support Ryan, and as they left the court they shouted "do you call this justice?".

After sentencing, Insp Paul Marshall, of Cumbria Police, said: "This incident was highly unusual for Cumbria as we have such low levels of hate crime in the county."

Let's remind ourselves what punishment was dished out to the poppy burner.

A MUSLIM extremist's tiny £50 fine for burning poppies on Armistice Day was greeted with fury last night.

Emdadur Choudhury, 26 - on £800-a-month benefits - could have been fined £1,000 for the insult to our war dead and sneered: "It's only £10 more than a parking ticket."

And he showed his contempt for Britain after yesterday's hearing by saying: "I couldn't care less. I don't care about soldiers that died."

Choudhury burned poppies in front of horrified service families as Islamic militants howled "British soldiers burn in hell" during a two-minute silence on Armistice Day last November 11.

District Judge Howard Riddle ruled that the dad of two's behaviour had to be weighed against his right to protest enshrined in the Human Rights Act.

Justice officials confirmed that £50 was the lightest possible fine.


Adam Walker and Nick Griffin have given the overpaid PC bullies who run Wakefield and District Housing just seven days to end their persecution of Christian granddad Colin Atkinson – or face demonstrations and actions against them personally.

In a letter delivered to WDH Chief Executive Kevin Dodd today, Mr. Walker states on behalf of the British National Party that:

"We, and other members of the English and Christian community, have been very patient with such far-left, pro-Islamic, Common Purpose-style bullying of decent people. Our patience is now at an end, as is the time during which the Politically Correct elite could persecute the people and denigrate the traditions and faith of this land without suffering any consequences."

Explaining the party's new extra militancy, Nick Griffin urges everyone to "look at the records of the people behind this anti-Christian Islamo-Marxist jihad. This isn't some kind of mistake by a bureaucratic Jobsworth; these people are engaged in a deliberate campaign against Christian values and our traditional culture".

Who's to Blame at Wakefield Housing?

Chief executive KEVIN DODD. This overpaid parasite rakes in £157,000 a year. Back in 2000, Dodd hit the headlines when, as Wakefield's head of housing, he cut the benefits of a 95-year-old RAF veteran who'd received compensation for having been attacked by a drunk.

Equality and Diversity manager JAYNE O’CONNELL, who believes that the women-oppressing burqa is “discrete”. Another overpaid Jobsworth, she was recruited from failed bank HBoS. The money would be better spent sorting out blocked drains!

Environmental manager DENIS DOODY. Happy to persecute Christians because this hardcore Labour activist admires Marxist mass murderer Che Guevara. Also writes for the pro-IRA and pro-Islamic terrorist Revolutionary Communist Group.

Mr. Griffin went on to promise the PC bullies that, if they do not stop persecuting Mr. Anderson, "We're going to make sure all their neighbours know all about their anti-Christian bullying.

"We've had enough of PC parasites insulting and bullying decent English people and running down our traditions. So we're organising together to fight back. I call on everyone who reads this to call or email Wakefield District Housing on the number or address shown on the leaflet.

"And I ask that anyone with any inside information on these people, especially any possible link to the sinister Common Purpose organisation, to let us know straight away. Because, together, we can stand up for Christian values and beat the PC bullies."

Help stop this discrimination by complaining to Wakefield and District Housing – 0845 850 7507 and

Please also forward this story on to friends.

Adam Walker’s letter to Kevin Dodd is below.

18th April 2011

Kevin Dodd

Chief Executive

Wakefield and District Housing

Merefield House

Whistler Drive


WF10 5HX

Dear Mr Dodd

Re. Persecution of Christians

Please take this letter as formal notice that WDH has seven days from noon on 19th April to confirm that all disciplinary hearings and charges against Colin Anderson have been permanently dropped.

Failure to do so will lead to an immediate and escalating campaign against senior members of Wakefield and District Housing.

We, and other members of the English and Christian community, have been very patient with such far-left, pro-Islamic, Common Purpose-style bullying of decent people. Our patience is now at an end, as is the time during which the Politically Correct elite could persecute the people and denigrate the traditions and faith of this land without suffering any consequences.

From now on, actions such as your persecution of Colin Anderson will have consequences. The British National Party will see to it.

Yours sincerely

Adam Walker

National Organiser

British National Party


Monday, 18 April 2011


Many residents in Cudworth ward will have by now received a vote Labour leaflet.

A basic leaflet which more or less slags the Tory- led Government off in every other paragraph for the Labour Governments failings.

What Charlie Wraith fails to mention in his leaflet is that Barnsley council has £58.3m in reserves.

And the cuts which will get worse for Barnsley residents are being used for political point scoring by the Labour controlled council.

Now another issue which Charlie has forgotten to add to his 'What we have achieved' section is his support to the relaxation of building restrictions at the muslim community centre, which is no longer big enough to meet the needs of the muslim community in Barnsley. Click on the above minutes of the meeting that Charlie Wraith chaired and read for yourself.

Now for regular readers of this site and other nationalist sites this will come as no surprise. Local councils in Towns and Cities up and down the country have been pandering to the needs and demands of the muslim community until they reach a point of no return. Once a place is dominated by towering minarets and domes, islamification of that place is well and truly embedded. The question is, do you want Barnsley's demographics to change beyond recognition?
It really is your choice.

You may know it's happening but would like to think Barnsley will not become islamified until after you're dead and buried, well think again, The pressure is now on the planning department to relax restrictions and that will be just the start.

If you're undecided then think of future generations of Barnsley people who will become a despised minority in their own town. Look at Rotherham, a town not far from Barnsley. And when islamification of a place is not far from completion, this is what you get.

If Cllr Charlie Wraith is elected again this year he will be remembered for his achievement in helping the islamification of Barnsley.

Monday, 11 April 2011


On the build up to the local elections in May, Barnsley British National Party high street paper stall receives extra support from Andrew Brons MEP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire, reports Yorkshire press officer Cllr Doug Ward.

Ian Sutton, Barnsley Branch Organiser, welcomed the assistance from Andrew Brons MEP, who helped with the busy Saturday trading on the now famous high street stall.

“Mr Brons attracts a lot of our supporters and well wishers to the stall, it is reassuring to see how many shoppers recognise him as their MEP”, said Mr Sutton

“We are all working very hard for the coming election, where we aim to stand a record number of candidates and with support from Mr Brons we hope to see our candidates elected into Council”

The British National Party Barnsley high street paper stall is open for business every Saturday, come rain or shine, with Mr Brons and this weekend’s sunshine the stall received a brisk trading from many well wishers.

Friday, 8 April 2011


Nationalism, patriotism, a love of one's country...whatever you want to call it.
Where does it come from?

No one can be taught it and no one can decide to just become patriotic to suit the time of year, especially at election time when we often hear politicians banging on about looking after British Workers or our ill equipped solders or even our own people who are often badly neglected in NHS wards and fed (if they're lucky) with something that a prisoner would successfully claim compensation against.

No, nationalism is a natural instinct which comes from within and for some it will rise to the surface when under threat and it's there to protect one's own.

Look at the photo and observe each and every face on it.

Each person on there will be able to tell you why they joined the British National Party.
And each person will tell you about their own natural instinct telling them something isn't right.

When you have that feeling it never goes away and I know from personal experience it can't be switched off.

And that's why the Barnsley Patriot is Back, supporting the British National Party.