Sunday 10 May 2009


Once again it was standing room only at Barnsley's open meeting on Thursday 7th May. This meeting was a little different to the usual ones held by Barnsley BNP, as this one warranted a turnout from the local anti democratic brigade, the so called UAF. Around 60 anti BNP protesters turned out to demonstrate against BNP chairman Nick Griffin who was attending the meeting. We have managed to hold numerous meetings at the same venue, even with the party chairman in attendance and without any confrontation, even though the anti BNP groups knew that the meetings were taking place. We have never needed an expensive police turnout, which the people of Barnsley will eventually have to pay for. However because of the threat of violence from the left wing crowd, Barnsley Police thought it was necessary.
The UAF protesters shouted their usual slogans and even aimed them at locals who had turned out to see what all the noise and commotion was about. One local pensioner told us that he was most offended by a certain placard, reading “F*** OFF NAZI C****” and another gentleman was absolutely outraged at the protesters response to his young son who was innocently stood in the vicinity.

The local gutter rag, The Barnsley Chronicle used their usual blatant lying techniques to try and demonise the BNP even stooping down to using pictures of angry local youngsters and trying to associate them with Barnsley BNP. They reported that our numbers were down despite us seeing the best turnout yet, over 300 supporters and yet they managed to increase the number of protesters five fold. Their lying reporter was actually refused entry after admitting it was not his decision to run a totally fabricated story about one of our candidates prior to last years elections. They also managed to include quotes from the protesters saying that Barnsley needs to be more diverse and more multicultural. We don't think they understand what the majority of Barnsley people think about the way the town is now, let alone with even more. They also quoted George Arthur lying to the readers saying that Nick Griffin has a criminal record for 'Holocaust Denial', well! He doesn't, because even if he had denied the holocaust, there is no such offence. George also said he would like to meet us face to face, if he means for debate and not violence, then we will invite him to our next meeting. George's leader.. Weyman Bennett can be heard here talking to Simon Darby - BNP Deputy Leader. Note the same lies....

Once the meeting was opened and the doors to the venue secured the meeting was opened by Barnsley Organiser – Ian Sutton, who introduced the first speaker of the evening, Simon Goodricke. Simon spoke to the enthusiastic crowd about what happens behind the scenes where branch activists and candidates are concerned, and how we are recruiting activists and members at a fantastic rate. He explained the current numbers of votes the party is receiving in Barnsley and told the audience how they can help increase these numbers to ensure the election of candidates in the borough. Simon continued to explain the council agenda relating to the 'One Barnsley' leaflet, where they put foreigners and diversity before our elderly and youngsters. His speech was brought to a close after many fascinating points including the mention of the strain on the NHS by the influx of foreign nationals.

After a short break the meeting was reopened and Nick Griffin gave an inspiring speech about immigration and the importance of the up coming Euro Elections. You can listen to Nick's speech by clicking the link below.